Welcome to PlacementCell (MPTCM)

August 30,2013


Placement Cell, (PC) of Model Polytechnic College, Mattakkara is a body of active students, guided by Staff-in-Charge. The TPC dedicates itself to help students develop their personalities and establish their careers.

The activities of Placement Cell

Preparing the students to face competitive examinations and interviews through intensive training programs including group discussions, mock interviews, and the basics of behavior and body language. Experienced Professionals from the industry are invited for some of the training programs.

Assisting students in career-planning, employment and providing information on higher studies.Inviting companies to the college campus for recruiting students for placement in their organizations.We offers all facilities to these companies for conducting presentations, tests and interviews.

A proper importance and emphasis is given for personality development of the students to get them at par the contemporasy professional skills workshops on personality development are frequently organized. The college organizes different sort of programme like seminar, public speaking sessions mock- interview by experts to hone the soft skills of the students. The college frequently conducts seminars on personality development to boost the confidence of the students and charge them with positivism. The institute grooms the students to utilize their latent potential to the maximum level in all the walks or life. The college gives special focus on soft-skills stressing on communication and interp rsonal skills, they are trained through language lab by experts to communicate in English freely.