Placement cell

The Institute helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the programme and are likely to Diploma graduate at the end of the academic year.

The final placements, in the Institute, are the result of very systematic interaction with the industry and continuous career counseling of the students. Right from the beginning of the programme, students are continuously counseled with regard to his/her career aspirations and options, which in turn is vigorously followed up with the potential companies for participating in the placement programme of the Institute. This not only helps the students in getting their ‘dream’ jobs but also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the ‘right’ candidate for their organization. However, the placement will be governed by Placement guidelines:

Planning for Placement

The placement activity is primarily managed by the Placement Committee headed by Placement Cell Coordinator in the institute with the help of Principal and other committee members which includes faculties and students from various departments.

The Broad Activities Undertaken by the Placement Cell are:

Formation of Students’ Placement Committees for final placement and also for getting industrial training and industry linked project work for students.

  • Preparation of Placement Brochure for final placement.
  • Pre-placement visits (PPV) to the companies.
  • Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.
  • Continuation of placement activities after the stipulated period, till all the students are placed.
  • Grooming and training of the candidates for the placements so that their chances of selection increase.

Institute Placement Committee

The placement related activities, at the Institute, are carried out by Placement committee – it comprises of faculties from various departments of the institute. Student representatives from various branches who are in their final year are also appointed as committee members. The committee is headed by Staff member acts as a member secretary.

Placement Cell Committee (2022 - 2023)

Name of committee Committee Members
       Placement Officer Smt. Anisha P (Lr in Electronics) - 94 47 80 55 14
      CHE Smt. Deepa M Kuruvilla, HOS Computer
Smt. Jithu Soman, Lr in Computer
Sonu Andrews- CHE5
      CT Smt. Deepa M Kuruvilla, HOS Computer
Smt. Aradhya M Anil,Lect. Computer
      ELE Smt. Lunamma Joseph, Lr. in Electronics
Sri. Rajesh R HOS Electronics
      ECE Smt. Leji P G, Lr In Electronics
Sri. Vishnu Narayanan, Lr in Electronics


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 The following methodology and strategies are followed

Personality Analytical abilities
Communication skills Logical reasoning
Language proficiency Numeracy
Leadership skills Data interpretation
Presentation skills Presentation skills
Interpersonal relations Problem solving
Self confidence Goal setting
Self esteem Team work
  Time management
  • Positive thinking/attitudes
  • Vision
  • Character and core values
  • Job interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Corporate grooming
Other critical abilities
  • To conduct practical exercises, demos, mock-programs, audio visual presentations and simulations to create real experiences to the candidates.
  • To identify suitable students and train them and depute them for participation in various competitions (regional, state and national level) seminars and workshops, such as paper presentations, debates, elocutions, quiz programs and other competitive examinations and entrance tests, such as GRE,GATE ,TOEFL etc.
  • To visit corporate companies, industries, business organizations, multinational companies, Pharmaceutical companies, tourism and hospitality organizations ,I.T companies, automobile companies, Banks, railways, Public Service Commission and discuss with their C.E.Os/Managers, and ascertain the details of job opportunities and skills required for those jobs and train the students accordingly to develop those skills so as to enable them fit and suitable for those positions.
  • To develop and maintain a good library and a language laboratory with the required infrastructures, books, C.Ds, audio visual aids, equipment, modern devices to develop communication skills etc.
  • To organize guest lecturers by inviting eminent persons from various organizations, companies, industries, institutions, training centers etc.
  • To provide syllabus and model question papers for various examinations;
  • To organize programs by inviting candidates who had already achieved success in the above examinations/interviews, so as to share their success stories.
  • To use modern technology/devices for giving training effectively.
  • To update information on employability opportunities in various public and private sector organizations and disseminate the same to the candidates.
  • To conduct model tests to assess the performance of the candidates and to re-engineer the strategies, training methodology and programs to develop their skills, as required by the market.
Reputed industrial houses across the country visit our institute regularly for the campus recruitment programs. The placement cell coordinates quite well with the corporate sector and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programs. The cell maintains a very cordial relationship with all the recruiting industries and also prepares the recruited candidates to face the competitive world.